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Oct 13, 2012 11:00pm PDT
, 2012 to new china real ti it a permit to alter a building, remove illegal unit at garage level, remove illegal kitchen and bath, cap all utilities at source and convert to storage. you have 7 minutes ?oo . >> on september 5, 2011, i signed a lease for my apartment, 2888 fall sum street. i was never informed the unit was anything unusual compared to anything else in the city. there was nothing in the lacy to indicate the unit was not up to code or a perfectly acceptable apartment unit. i'm not a real estate professional and though i went to college, i had to reason to believe there was anything about this unit that made it different or made the lease terms that we were about to enter into different than any other lease that i signed. this apartment, while quirky and charming is like many of the apartments we see anywhere across the city in any neighborhood, part of the fabric of the city that we all know. so in may, 2012, the ownership of the building that i rent in was changed and the owners, at that time the new owners inspected the entire building including my unit and despite the
Oct 10, 2012 4:30am PDT
below market rate units without any requirement to do so. and i think it's a good one because, as was pointed out, even though they're rent controlled, presumably the rent in pacific heights is fairly high and, you know, it's not going to go down any. when there's a vacancy, the rent is whatever the new rent is. and, so, -- and they're vacant now. affording to what my understanding is, if they were under inclusionary units, that's the 60th percentile ami, which means if they're rental that's what they would have to be rented for. i don't have the number off the top of my head. it would depend how many people you have. presumably you wouldn't have more than two per studio, although you could. that would -- i think that's the limit. and that sets what that rate is. if they were sold as condos, then it would be 100 percentile, it does make ami. there isn't anything that exists in pacific heights, a couple small units that could be purchased at a very affordable rate. normally i would be in favor of having more bedrooms, but the other good thing is it recaptures the rear yard whic
Oct 2, 2012 4:30am PDT
the neighborhood bmr program. we need units to enter that program. when the economy is slow and new units aren't being added through the mayor's office of housing something like this is really an interesting approach, particularly in a neighborhood that does not have a lot of -- that has a lack of economic diversity. >> commissioner hillis. >> if i can ask a question of staff. the issue of this -- establishing these units as bmr didn't come up in your report. is this something that came up after? >> we did discuss the rent control thing and try to keep them affordable. i'm going to defer to the city attorney, though. there has to be some sort of nexus if you make that requirement. and i don't think we could find that at the staff level. >> fine. [speaker not understood]. has anybody talked about it? are they open to it, administering additional bmr units? i would imagine they are. has that been discussed at all? it is highly unusual, this kind of approach. >> we haven't had any conversation, staff hasn't. >> did you want to follow-up? >> commissioners, thank you. first, the question of the nex
Oct 4, 2012 4:30pm PDT
supportive of the project. seeing the 25 parkings, the project aims to have 40% two-bedroom units; there was an earlier iteration with less. >> ms. o'brian, project is subject to a number of fees. the have a ballpark figure that you have calculated as to what all these fees come to in total? >> i don't have the final numbers; they have not been verified by the planning department yet. it would easily be in the 500,000 dollar range or more for the community impact fees from market/octavia; in addition roughly 250,000 dollars for the affordable housing fee, separate. >> exclusive the below-market units? >> correct. does not include -- we are providing 20 percent for affordable. >> thank you. this might be a little off the subject. is peter cohen here? something directed to debose. it is not a question. a comment. directed to the other neighborhood groups. peter lewis is gone too. it is a common does not can you sense then. nevermind. i was going to say peter, in terms of mdna i would like to if anybody from dubose or eureka valley or castro or other groups involved in negotiating
Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm PDT
, the nob, the stoop structure that allows direct access to the lower units and the smaller building, and a larger mixed-use building on market street, the garage entry there. that is the and of the design presentation; one last image that shows a corner of fifteenth and market. thank you. >> thank you. we are available for questions. >>we will open it up for public comment. nathan sedlander. sarah vaness. peter cohen. >> i live thatnext to the walgreens. thank you for the opportunity to express my point of view as a concerned member of the neighborhood. there are a number of issues that in my analysis are difficult to change at this point in the process. where residents like myself will most of pay for the negative externalized cost, the most impactful of these is that this is a six-story height building, on a block were no building is higher than four stories. this was a provision included in the market/octavia plan; there is no doubt that the large building located at the downhill slope will have a negative impact on live in the surrounding peaks. i am supportive replacing the
Oct 4, 2012 4:00pm PDT
to raise a family in this beautiful city; i was surprised to see that the two-bedroom units planning here for 2175 market are only 750 or less feet. out find it strained to raise a family in such a place. the result is having singles or families with children. second i ride my bike to work and my wife takes public transportation the state; i'm tentative to pull out of the garage on 15th as cars race across the street to make the 14 second light. ultimately, the more dangerous situation for cyclists as myself navigating the traffic. in summary i suggest reducing the height of the traffic to four stories, expanding the two-bedroom units to 1,000 sq. ft. and adding three bedroom units and keep existing curb cuts. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. my name is sarah vaness, i live in the same building as nathan, next to the walgreens exit. we are thrilled about the project, at huge improvement to the neighborhood; we are happy to see much-needed rental space in the neighborhood as well as integrated low-income housing proposition, is all positive. we are concerned abo
Oct 21, 2012 11:00pm PDT
>>> up next on a second look, it brought the united states and the soviet union to the brink of nuclear war 50 years ago. how the cuban missile crisis began and how president kennedy searched for a way to keep from possibly going into war. and how the bay area prepared for the cold war with nuclear missile bases. >> reporter: hello everyone i'm frank somerville and welcome to a second look. 50 years ago tonight the world waited and watched to see if the united states would go into war with russia. a missell took pictures that revealed the soviet had built missile bases. it turned out the missells had already been there for three months. back in 2001, ktvu reporter george watson brought us this look back at those tense days when the united states and the soviet union stood on the brink of nuclear war, each waiting to see if the other would blink. >> a picket line of american warships cruised the waters off the coast of cuba. soviet ships possibly carrying nuclear missiles had been warned to turn back. it was a deadly dance at high noon in the sea. the cuban missile crisis took
Oct 11, 2012 6:00pm PDT
in creating another unit, two difficulties. first we don't know what that unit would look like, we cannot resurrect it. it quotes, can this be done through interior alterations? it cannot. to put it unit on each floor, equal size units, not possible. talking about mostly criteria 3, the most important one. ask the applicant in the guidelines, look at all the dwellings within 150 feet; see in this case they are sick family. several ways to count. on a sandborn map, using a mailbox survey, 3r reports, or the planning information website. four very different things come up. public is getting confused; i have had several cases during the last year, one of which i'm putting up on the last year, another one i did based on mary woods' staff approving based on a mailbox survye within the last two years. she found in both cases the third criteria was met. your staff report says it cannot count the legal number of dwelling units. but it says count the number of units, not legal. if you ask them, did you get issued 3r reports for the billing department? the answer is no. their website shows one numb
Oct 5, 2012 11:30pm PDT
as wide as it is. it is appropriate for this type of density; the unit mix is fine. i agree that there are traffic problems with these intersections, not just this one, and not just this project causing it. it may be appropriate to ask the cac look at this issue; that is where these development fees are going. it is an appropriate recommendation to try to fix not only this intersection but others on market street that have similar problems. that is where the development money goes; where the impact these go. it is appropriate to fix these intersections; we could ask the cac to look into these recommendations. that would be great but i am supportive of the project. >> i believe in public testimony with reference that there is a regulatory -- can the project sponsor respond to that? >> on behalf of the project sponsor, there is a regulatory region why the fees cannot be used for an independent agreement. we are not aware of it. >> question about housing ordinance? >> we look at the improvements contemplated. could not find any that were directly related to the issues that we a
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm PDT
were chopped up into smaller units, which i feel is inappropriate. they don't address family needs; we should err on the side of allowing -- especially if it was like that originally. the other point brought up is project sponsor, in reality if this was to be split it would cost 400,000 to 600,000 to split. undoubtedly, there will be broken into expensive condos. i visited the area the other day to look around; i cannot say for sure whether or not staff is correct with the predominance of single-family units as opposed to what project sponsor and counsel represent. i believe the latter is correct; the number of people who own victorians in that area all of them are single-family victorians; i would think the reality of the case -- whether it is 3r reports or tax base, the case is made that there is over 50 percent of single-family in the area; that is one criteria which makes it 3 criteria. fourth criteria is function. we have a situation where someone wants to convert what is legally two units by making connections between them, eliminating kitchens, turning into a single-family uni
Oct 2, 2012 4:00am PDT
the initial construction on-site and then and allow people to move from their existing units and demolish those units. so, we're minimizing the off-site relocation. >> thanks. >> commissioner wu. >> thank you. i'm also really happy to support this legislation. i think that san francisco is leading the way to correct all of the wrongs of hope 6 -- maybe not all of them, but i think in particular you hear horror stories across the country about whole communities were broken up because of the hope 6 process. so, i wanted to ask either staff or a representative from supervisor olague's office. at the time the report had been written and sent to us there was a recommendation for, i think it was, not to make -- not to make a recommendation, but dominica today talked about the changes that had been made to the legislation. so, i don't mean to put you on the spot, but does staff feel like we can make a recommendation today? is that what you were waiting for for those particular changes? >> i think the department thinks the concept of the legislation is great. the reason we said not to make a reco
Oct 10, 2012 4:00am PDT
the residents from their existing units, we'll demolish those units. we are again trying to mime eyes the off sit relocation. >> it's good to know that. >> we can do that where we have room. we can't always do that, but hunters view and alice griffith give us the opportunity to do so. and, you know, obviously the dense ithv of potrero as well as sunnydale is lower so we have the opportunity to keep most of the residents on-site as we build. * density the big question is the source of the funding. we will move as fast as we have funds to build. and, you know, so, that's always the biggest issue. but for now alice and hunters view are moving along. >> and then i guess the current location, it's sounds like those projects are okay. do we relocate them in county or do people have a choice -- do we try to find them housing within san francisco? how does that work? >> i can't speak for the past in terms of the other -- because the city has done hope 6 projects in the past. and i think that what the developers did was to offer the vouchers because those were completely demolished and they were not
Oct 7, 2012 1:25am EDT
of you in the back -- i will read it for you. bob actually said in an interview, "the united states both economically and mill tarle and also in terms of its overall influence is really is as strong as its ever been." he said this on february 21, 2012. do you agree with the assertion that right now or in 2012 the united states is as strong as it has ever been? >> it depends, david, if you are speaking about strong relative to whom. i think it is true we are still the most emulated in the world. but it is possible to be the world's cleanest dirty shirt. so i sort of america as going back to -- i have to answer this in a little bit of detail. in terms of, one of the things that made us strong to start with, and i would argue, that we actually had a formula for success in this country. one, we educate our people up to and beyond what the technology was, so they can get the most out of it. whether it was universal secondary education, and then it was universal post secondary education. second, we have the world's best infrastructure. roads, railroads, third, we have the world's most immigrat
Oct 5, 2012 10:30pm PDT
units, and that is a much bigger project. this is a sliver lot on a corner. we would like you to entertain the idea of reducing the density, i put in our position letter is, we would like to have larger, two-bedroom units in this project. i will explain immolated testimony the rationale in more detail. to give you an idea, i own the building on nob hill, i have eight units the same size; in the 15 years i have had that building i have not had one couple with a child apply for any of the units. the whole idea in the general management plan, and the market/octavia plan for two-bedroom units is to be family-friendly. we have a baby boom going on. 733-sq. ft. units and calling them 2-bedroom is going around the issue. we respectfully ask you to have these units significantly larger, 900-950 sq. ft. wsolely on couples in the area having babies will have a nice place to live. thank very much. >> my name is maria mejia, a board member from the mission dolores association. i'm here for the 2175 market st. project. i live in the area for about 20 years, in an apartment building w
Oct 3, 2012 8:30am PDT
of the most diversity's, san francisco is the largest per-capita chinese population of many in the united states in the most diverse state in the world's most averse democracy. the delegation will appreciate this as you walk the streets of san francisco at our best as it is across the state. people are living and a dancing together across every conceivable and imaginable difference. i have believed the world looks to us to say it is -- if it is possible to live together across every conceivable difference. we're proud of our home and place in history and proud of our example. but we also are humble in the context of the world we're living in. a world that is another connected but hyper-connected with a merger of i.t. and globalization. we recognize our faith -- fate is connected to the fate of others. that is the spirit that binds us together. the spirit that brings us here today. i want to close by reminding you that california is the birthplace as mayor lee was saying of life science, biotech, the home of the california stem cell institute, a state with more engineers, more scientists,
Oct 1, 2012 6:30am PDT
today to congratulate everyone on getting behind the new rules for the five to nine unit projects. i spoke with a few people today that work on our jobs and asked them when is the last time they were on one of those projects? and literally no one could remember being on a five to nine unit project and the numbers here today show that the reason is they just haven't been built. it's sad. it's a bit of a travesty that only 1bmr unit was produced and we missed out on that housing that would have been built and i worked in construction -- i have been around construction my whole life since i was listen year's old. basically the -- >> >> 11 year's old. basically this is a stepping stone for us. you can look at it you don't go straight to kindergarten maybe to university. maybe we would like to but that's not the way it works, so if you only have done a single family home, remodel projects, did you prux and you ask for financing for a nine unit project that is more units they laugh at you as you're walking out the door with your head down, so this is the only way by changing the rules.
Oct 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
and there is nine items after the inclusionary unit was included for that, and we are hoping to see over the next few years with this amendment within three years how this amendment actually does incentivize that production and how it relates to the balance of development throughout san francisco, so i am happy to co-sponsor this today. it was mentioned the amendments that our office is already supportive of, particularly changing the effective date of the legislation to january 15 and i think that is important as we do a look back on this issue three years down the line. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. just wanted to publicly acknowledge they do believe that the amendments that supervisor chu are proposing certainly strike an appropriate balance between this and monitoring it and it's not contradictory of the city's production goals and like supervisor kim was speaking of, and i have been thinking a lot about this particular piece of legislation and to be honest i was uncomfortable and i didn't know how it would impact the southeastern neighborhoods and the
Oct 23, 2012 2:00am PDT
master leased the very first building that we did, we still is, pacific bay inn, 84 units on jones street. we were able to fill up that building with this new target population in a couple months as opposed to 5 years sort of the process of developing new housing and convincing everybody that we could house the people we were aiming to house. and then we just went on a roll from there and leased 5 other hotels in the tenderloin, names that you probably know, have visited people in and so forth, the windsor hotel, the empress, the plaza -- not the plaza, that's not master leased -- the star, the camelot, and before we knew it we had 450 units of what's now known as housing first type housing. and it was all experiments and we i'm sure made many mistakes along the way, but we were very gratified that we were housing folks who had traditionally been not able to get housing. along the way we had some learning in terms of what it takes and what the support services really should be in the housing. and up until that point, really the notion was you just had a couple kind of case managers and
Oct 30, 2012 2:00am PDT
450 units of what's now known as housing first type housing. and it was all experiments and we i'm sure made many mistakes along the way, but we were very gratified that we were housing folks who had traditionally been not able to get housing. along the way we had some learning in terms of what it takes and what the support services really should be in the housing. and up until that point, really the notion was you just had a couple kind of case managers and everything would be okay. and that was an understandable, you know, beginning to supportive housing because it was a reaction against more institutional care so we didn't want to recreate skilled nursing facilities and so forth in the community, but as we got into it more and realized what we could also do additionally with more enhanced health care services on site, we really began to hit our stride more and really see how you could stabilize people in housing and so then we hooked up with dr. josh bamburger, the medical director of our section. we started introducing, you know, some nursing hours within the building so w
Oct 17, 2012 2:00am PDT
production and regional goals to these analyses. so for example, for the size of the unit that supervisor wiener mentioned. we're addressing this in the annual report already. we're covering a lot of these and this will be the mandated part of these reports. the other parts are going to remain, in the reports and provide them national anthemly annually or quarterly. >> as far as the minor modification goes. it's on page. >> many this is amendment that supervisor olague? >> yes, this is an amendment, we're changing the title of no. 2 will be "quarterly housing production reports." and we are requesting this change. and then on line no. 5, we are requesting that this reads, "the planning commission with quarterly housing production report every three months." so lines 4 and 5 we're requesting to be changed. thank you. >> thank you so much. i had a quick question to supervisor olague. i know she made a reference to the aging population. and the need for housing for people, especially 60 years old and above. and i know that supervisor olague and i fit into the baby-boomer generation that w
Oct 1, 2012 12:00pm PDT
conferences, one the united nations general assembly in which representatives of the nations who are members of the general assembly come here, including heads of state and foreign ministers and others at the clinton global initiative, business and government and ngo s were in attendance to talk about big ideas, big problems. one of the problems they talked about at both places was syria. another was middle east protest about a film that attacked mohammed and the third was iran and nuclear weapons. we begin with the former president of the united states bill clinton in conversation with me and my colleague at cbs nora o'donnell. >> rose: do you think this election the president has said that change has to come from outside rather than in washington, that this election has the possibility of producing a change that will be able to overcome gridlock. >> i don't think it to the only has the possibility, i think it almost certainly will. and let me explain why. i think the president's going to win but let's assume governor romney won. if he wins, that almost certainly means the republicans will
Oct 22, 2012 1:00pm PDT
about size of units. it doesn't talk about changes to density. it doesn't talk about whether it's in-law units? you know, in terms of how the housing affordability and the crisis that we're facing, it's such a multi-faceted problem. that as i said before, unless we have some huge massive influx of federal dollars so we can just build enormous amounts of below market rate housing, public investment is not going to get us out the hole we're in. it's one piece of the puzzle and i will stop using that phrase. [ laughter ] because i have said it too many times already. i'm they are going to start creating a drinking game around it every time i say it. it's not even close to the whole solution and my concern is that this presents a distorted and miss leading picturet planning commission whether project x fits or doesn't fit into where we need to go to resolve our housing crisis. this is not comprehensive and i think we all know how this information presented in this specific way will be used. the information exists. the [phr-rplts/] puts planning department puts out reports and the budget
Oct 4, 2012 3:00pm PDT
units and retail units and 44 parking spaces located in an underground parking garage. should have a package concerning an executive summary, a draft motion and the response of the appeal letter. the planning department published a focused -- and a cpe on august 25, 2012. the department received an appeal letter; primary issues raised in the appeal letter included concerns about traffic conditions along fifteenth street and the adequacy of the market and octavia eir. for projects and planning area such as thisthe project proposal is for a review to address the eir. topics for which the eir for the decider significant program level impact are addressed in the cp certificate of termination; if the proposed project will result in a significant impact that you to the project for example, the impact is not identify the significant in the underlining eir, is a separate focus in the eir. the project would have a potential significant, peculiar impact related to hazardous materialsthe plumbing department are very focused pm&d. the department prepared three documents a pm&d certificate
Oct 1, 2012 2:00pm PDT
units, for example were being hotelized. i would like to know why it's taken to so long to address this issue? >> thank you, supervisor. the reason it has is because of the current state of the ordinance prior to supervisor chiu's proposed amendments. and that is that it essentially requires a person who is a permanent resident in a building of four units or more to bring an action and his proposed amendments will expand that to allow other people to brick bring in action or the situation becoming known to the department of building inspection. so the way the ordinance was amended back about 15 years ago was narrowly drawn and since the ordinance was changed to what we see today, i have gotten two complaints that have actually come to us from people who have standing. so the proposed changes will go a long way to incorporate and allow others to bring these matters to our attention. usually what would happen is that someone would bring this to the attention of an individual and sometimes it would get resolved before it ever came to us. but it's just the way it currently is that
Oct 7, 2012 8:00pm PDT
there had were landlords that were willing to have tenants move out of their buildings, so that i unit or set of units could be used year-round for these types of practices. from my perspective that is not the type of housing use we want it to see. i think it's one thing to let's say a family that wants to go away a couple of weeks on vackace and if there are students spending a couple of months out of town or someone is going away for the weekend. that is a very different proposition than a landlord or owner saying that they are going to keep several units vacant except for folks who want to come in on air bx b. i think the third set of issues that we'll eventually have to tackle is the issue of taxation. our hotels are required to pay a hotel tax. and yet we know there are thousands of folks who are being rented to in situations similar to that hotel context. that don't have to pay any fair share of the cost that our city has to spend to deal with the 16 million tourists that come in every year. so that is another conversation that i think we need to have as well. as you can imagine
Oct 27, 2012 9:30am PDT
to recognize san francisco mayor ed lee, ceo of united way anne wilson and west field group senior vice president anthony rich and you may have noticed we have our beloved mascot bulls eye with us. it's an exciting time for target. as you know 2012 50 marks our 50th year and we have a new concept and designs for the urban shopper and to complement the city's character and the small store offers the product but more suited to these lifestyles. instead of 20-pound bags of dog food you will find smaller bags and treats to manage to carry around. this is the first store in san francisco and we are activating our first stand alone active wear store and part of our brand by champion so what does it mean for you? high end apparel without the high end prices and what better way to introduce this concept than here in america's most active community and a joy to join the mayors in san francisco and nakd in 2011 we two contributed $2 million to san francisco and have awarded several schools with grants for field trips and completed our first library make over in san francisco last week at s
Oct 3, 2012 8:00am PDT
into the sidewalk. the officer was signed -- they were assigned as members of the street crime unit. they developed information that led to the identification of the weapons owner who had an extensive criminal history. they continued their relentless investigation into this event and identified the criminal, determining an additional possible home address and weapons. on the early morning hours of wednesday, june 29, officer griffin received a phone call that provided of potential location for the now-wanted subject. officer griffin contacted a supervisor and partner. after working a leak investigation the night before, these dedicated officers return to work after just a few hours' rest in an effort to locate and arrests a dangerous criminal. and they met at the station in order to set up surveillance on the suspect in question. they responded to the location at 7:00. officer griffin, the driver, droves through the rear garage area of the identified property. as the approach the garage as the rear, and get a slowly opened. the men saw a car pulling up to the exit, and immediately recognize the dri
Oct 1, 2012 6:30pm PDT
plaza, which is over 300 rent-controlled units in san francisco. and we were able to be successful in protecting that. so we want to ensure that other rent-controlled units in san francisco are protected as we all know the housing crisis is increasing in san francisco. there is a lot of small displacement that has been happening, not only south of market, but tenderloin with rents increasing. therefore, we want to make sure that the corporations don't take away the small existing rent-control that we already have, and because we need to address the exiting [sk-eufrt/]ing housing crisis for families. we urge you it please pass this and we hope that will you pass it at the full board of supervisors thank you. >> thank you for your support of this. >> it sounds like it's uncontested that we want to have good compliance that we're making sure there are good actors and that is a good step. so we're very supportive of that idea and it's good to hear that folks in the industry, so to speak, agree that that is a good practice. of course there is a larger discussion had a we look forward t
Oct 1, 2012 7:00pm PDT
saying that they are going to keep several units vacant except for folks who want to come in on air bx b. i think the third set of issues that we'll eventually have to tackle is the issue of taxation. our hotels are required to pay a hotel tax. and yet we know there are thousands of folks who are being rented to in situations similar to that hotel context. that don't have to pay any fair share of the cost that our city has to spend to deal with the 16 million tourists that come in every year. so that is another conversation that i think we need to have as well. as you can imagine, these are complicated issues, which is why it's taking me a little bit of time both to convene stakeholders and draft legislation, but i hope in the coming weeks and months that we'll have a proposal that we can all start talking about more publicly. >> thank you, president chiu. supervisor wiener? >> thank you. and i want to thank president chiu for his and his staff's hard work on this. i know there was a lot of dialogue and negotiation and i really appreciate that effort. i will be supporting the legislati
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 8,628 (some duplicates have been removed)